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The Prairie of Possibilities

Burning Man 2023

The Prairie - Burning Man '23: Welcome


The Prairie is about the transformational power of storytelling to generate empathy, inspire connection, and create a space us to reflect on what it truly means to be human.

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Please consider donating to our fundraising campaign and help us bring this art to the Playa in 2023.

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Coming soon.

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To walk through the Prairie is to stroll through a metaphysical field that (for some mysterious reason) has briefly become visible to the human eye. Participants walk a gently-sloping path among swaying grasses, stroking the glowing fibers. The grass stalks are outfitted with an array of sensors that enable it to respond to participants’ behavior and demonstrate a sense of interactive ‘aliveness’. 

Interactive elements include the glowing Portals, hidden hot-spots throughout the field, the story-collector booths, the echo events that share back with participants, and the Research Lab on the Prairie perimeter.

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The Prairie - Burning Man '23: Image


Core team

Casey Marvin // Creative Director

James Gwertzman // Chief Visionary

Nathan Pegram / Hardware Director

Paul McDaniel // Technical Director

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Angela Lee // Technical artist (audio)

Dirk Rosenberg // Technical artist (audio)

Erin O'Brien // Project Manager

Jessica Creane // Voice artist (stories shared by the entity)

Kendrick Feller // Technical light artist (real-time audio visualization)

Sarah Elmaleh // Voice artist lead (voice of the Entity)

The Prairie - Burning Man '23: Text


Angela Lee

Benjamin Gebo

Brian Axelrod

Casey Marvin

Craig Massie

Colleen Sullivan

Danielle Kushner

Dirk Roosenburg

Erin O'Brien // Project Manager

James Gwertzman // Build Lead

Julia Kester

Julia Heasler

Kendrick Feller

Nathan Pegram

Mykola Simutkin

Paul McDaniel

Quailynn McDaniel

Simone Engelen

Petri Anne

The Prairie - Burning Man '23: Text


Tech specs coming soon.

The Prairie - Burning Man '23: Text


Playa logistics coming soon.

The Prairie - Burning Man '23: Text
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